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21st October 2020 - IMPALA adopts charter to promote diversity and inclusion in the European independent music sector

20th October 2020 - Joint sector letter - Support for culture in the Recovery & Resilience Facility

5th October 2020 - InvestEU - Ensuring support for cultural and creative businesses

18th September 2020 - Meet the nominees for the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2021

10th September 2020 - Cultural industries urge European Commission not to rewrite copyright directive

13th August 2020 - IMPALA’s Helen Smith wins prestigious Indie Champion Award at AIM awards 

14th July 2020 - OP-ED - A call to invest in all our creative futures

3rd July 2020 - Fusing climate policy and culture - Music Declares Climate Emergency meets European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

17th June 2020 - Investing in Europe’s next generation by investing in culture - Joint sector call signed by 94 organisations

1st June 2020 - #TheShowMustBePaused, IMPALA postpones members and board meeting in support of #BlackOutTuesday

18th May 2020 - IMPALA reiterates call for ambitious 5-year recovery strategy ahead of Culture Ministers meeting

14th May 2020 - Sound Diplomacy Launches #BetterMusicCities Campaign

5th May 2020 - Europe’s cultural and creative sectors call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis 

29th April 2020 - Boosting growth in Europe through music and culture: a roadmap to sync with the EU Recovery Plan

28th April 2020 - Merlin promotes Charlie Lexton to Chief Operating Officer

17th April 2020 - "Buy music online from record stores" - IMPALA's message for music fans across Europe #LoveRecordStores

9th April 2020 - IMPALA launches Covid-19 site to map support for European independent music companies

2nd April 2020 - Music sector joins together to call for EU and national investment to address current crisis and promote diversity

25th March 2020 - IMPALA Adopts Covid-19 Crisis Plan calling for urgent action across Europe

20th March 2020 - European independent music sector launches IMPALA Covid-19 Task Force

24th February 2020 - Apparat wins IMPALA’s European Independent Album of the Year Award

20th February 2020 - EU budget: IMPALA calls on member states to reject current proposal and show ambition for culture

19th February 2020 - IMPALA welcomes review of competition rules as part of new EU digital strategy

3rd February 2020 - Music Declares Emergency meet European Commission Vice President Timmermans in Brussels

31st January 2020 - Time to focus on the cultural industries - IMPALA's agenda for Brexit negotiations

30th January 2020 - 22 nominees shortlisted for IMPALA’s European Independent Album of the Year Award

28th January 2020 - Interview : IMPALA's Helen Smith on how Brexit will impact the indie sector

28th January 2020 - IMPALA statement on the UK's stance on the EU copyright directive

23rd January 2020 -  Merlin and TikTok agree to a landmark global music licensing partnership

21st January 2020 - WIN elects new board

9th January 2020 - Interview: Helen Smith “In The Hot Seat” with Larry Leblanc – copyright, Tencent, Brexit, IMPALA turning 20...

8th January 2020 - Merlin appoints Jeremy Sirota as the new Chief Executive Officer

9th December 2019 - Charles Caldas of Merlin honoured at Digital Music Days in Portugal

29th November 2019 - Music organisations call on member states to reinforce focus on music in Creative Europe's sectorial actions

29th November 2019 - Music Declares Emergency wins IMPALA Outstanding Contribution Award

26th November 2019 - Independent music companies take a stance against UMG-Tencent deal

26th November 2019 - IMPALA to challenge UMG-Tencent deal

21st November 2019 - Over 90 organisations call on EU Member States to support European Parliament's proposed Creative Europe budget

22nd October 2019 - IFPI and WIN announce cross-industry collaboration on recording industry data exchange service

25th September 2019 - New study highlights intellectual property sectors as key driver for the EU economy

23rd September 2019 - Music sector calls on EU parliament to support strong budget for 3rd edition of Music Moves Europe

23rd September 2019 - New IMPALA board elected in Hamburg at Reeperbahn festival

20th September 2019 - Meet the nominees for the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards 2020

10th September 2019 - IMPALA comments on proposed new EU leaders

16th July 2019 - IMPALA outlines priorities for new European Commission 

20th June 2019 - IMPALA’s Helen Smith talks state of the independents and ‘the promise of streaming’

20th June 2019 - Music sector and technology companies join forces to combat streaming manipulation

18th June 2019 - Merlin reveals record revenue distributions in new 2019 membership record

7th June 2019 - IMPALA & the indie sector get busy at MIDEM

21st May 2019 - IMPALA welcomes the EU's Music Moves Europe dialogue

18th April 2019 - Swedish act VIAGRA BOYS pockets IMPALA’s European Album of the Year award

15th April 2019 - Independent music companies welcome final approval of the EU copyright directive

5th April 2019 - Independent music sector calls for sector specific approach in Brexit negotiations

28th March 2019 - Thanks for speaking out!! - Note for all IMPALA members and their artists, authors and managers

28th March 2019 - IMPALA's open letter to all members of the European Parliament

27th March 2019 - The screen never lies: IMPALA's Helen Smith on the Copyright Directive victory

26th March 2019 - European parliament approves copyright reform in landmark vote

25th March 2019 - Just Say Yes ­- young and emerging artists take the mike, Debbie Harry and others pick up their pen

22nd March 2019 - Debbie Harry (Blondie) speaks out on copyright

22nd March 2019 - The beauty of the beast - in support of the copyright directive

19th March 2019 - More than 300 cultural and creative organisations call to adopt the copyright directive

18th March 2019 - Survey - Europeans ask for more EU regulation of tech giants

15th March 2019 - Open letter to YouTube - equal access to YTs communication network requested to promote democratic debate on copyright

14th March 2019 - Creative sector unite to address the European Parliament ahead of copyright vote

1st March 2019 - Journalist Markus Tobiassen and newspaper Dagens Næringsliv receive IMPALA outstanding contribution award

27th February 2019 - Charlie Phillips appointed to lead Worlwide Independent Network

21st February 2019 - IMPALA endorses copyright directive at its 100th board meeting, welcomes member state approval

20th February 2019 - Creative sectors call to approve the copyright directive

14th February 2019 - EU copyright text agreed, now requires final approval

7th February 2019 - 18 nominees unveiled for the IMPALA European Independent Album of the Year Award

24th January 2019 - RUNDA – A new champion for the Balkans’ independent record labels

16th January 2019 - Europe for Creators launches new myth busting tools on article 13

14th December 2018 - Joint call for the integration of cultural and creative sectors into Horizon Europe

13th December 2018 - Rightsholders unite in calling for an effective solution to the Value Gap

13th December 2018 - IMPALA thanks Alison Wenham for her contribution to WIN

10th December 2018 - IMPALA attends “Independent Music Day” organised by ANPM, Poland's alliance of independent music companies

4th December 2018 - WINTEL 2018 announces new global market share analysis of the independent music sector

23rd November 2018 - European independents congratulate Sugar Music for Bocelli's success

22nd November 2018 - Joint music sector statement: YouTube's fact free fear-mongering 

16th November 2018 - How EU copyright reform will give creative ecosystem a boost

13th November 2018 - Boost Creativity, a Joint Call from 80 organisations

8th November 2018 - IMPALA's Executive Chair wins STOMP Independent of the Year Award

5th November 2018 - Cultural and Creative sectors' call to boost Creative Europe

26th October 2018 - Independent music companies slam decision to green light the Sony/EMI merger

17th October 2018 - Research reveals Sony’s post-merger power over national music charts in Europe

25th September 2018 - IMPALA supports key Brexit recommendations for cultural sectors

24th September 2018 - EU competition authorities set to take a strong stance as Sony notifies EMI Music Publishing deal

21st September 2018 - Meet the nominees for the new Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

18th September 2018 - New Agenda for Culture - A historic opportunity for the EU

12th September 2018 - European Parliament gives the thumbs up on copyright reform – Great result for Europe’s creators

11th September 2018 - Europe’s chance to write the music for a generation

11th September 2018 - Copyright reform in Europe: In politics we trust...

10th September 2018 - What you need to know about the copyright proposal in 10 keys

30th August 2018 - Independent music companies join #EuropeForCreators campaign on copyright reform

14th August 2018 - Sony faces regulatory concerns in move to take over EMI Music Publishing

2nd August 2018 - ESNS and IMPALA proudly introduce the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards - the European Union Prize for popular and contemporary music

5th July 2018 - European parliament moves to full debate in plenary on copyright reform

4th July 2018 - Europe’s chance to write the music for a generation - open letter to EU parliamentarians

2nd July 2018 - Google influence campaign tries to derail Europe’s project to recalibrate the digital market

28th June 2018 - Copyright: say NO to scaremongering and YES to creators getting paid

27th June 2018 - Creative sector call to uphold the mandate on copyright

26th June 2018 - IMPALA speech at CEDC event "Next EU budget: What about culture and creative Europe" 

20th June 2018 - The last mile to bridge the value gap

4th June 2018 - Interview with Glitterbeat co-founder Chris Eckman

30th May 2018 - Sectoral support for music, a smart use of EU money

29th May 2018 - Interview with Dancing Bear Records co-founder Silvije Varga

24th May 2018 - Ten years: Merlin expands global team and celebrates a decade of growth

22nd May 2018 - Independents warn of regulatory barriers to Sony/EMI deal

3rd May 2018 - Calling for a strong EU budget for culture & dedicated funds for music

26th April 2018 - EU addresses online "power gap" by regulating platforms' business practices

9th April 2018 - Boosting the EU culture budget - A call from Europe’s cultural & creative sectors

27th March 2018 - Garage pop band GURR wins IMPALA's European Album of the Year Award

15th March 2018 - Debunking the lies around Article 13 of the copyright directive

6th March 2018 - Spotify listing - Independents renew commitment to artists

6th March 2018 - 22 acts in the running for best European independent album

1st March 2018 - CW! reacts to new EU measures to tackle illegal content online

27th February 2018 - WIN appoints Martin Mills as Chair

22nd February 2018 - EU Industry Day: Let’s strengthen Europe with an industrial policy for culture

15th February 2018 - Launch of #MusicMovesEurope Preparatory Action

14th February 2018 - Music to our ears - Time for a European Music Programme

5th February 2018 - Ljubljana MENT conference - Keynote Interview with IMPALA's Helen Smith

5th February 2018 - Ljubljana MENT conference - Panel Record Labels in the Balkans, A State of Play

5th February 2018 - Growing in the Balkans - IMPALA at MENT, Ljubljana

8th December 2017 - 60 million top up for EU loan guarantee scheme

25th October 2017 - New EU pilot programme for music welcomed by IMPALA

23rd October 2017 - New global market share analysis of the independent music sector

10th October 2017 - The Independent Label Market attracts more than 15,000 people !

4th October 2017 - Creative sector shows united front to tackle the value gap

3rd October 2017 - Jonas Sjöström, founder of Playground Music Scandinavia is awarded by IMPALA for his outstanding contribution to independent music

28th September 2017 - CW! Statement: What is illegal offline is also illegal online

26th September 2017 - IMPALA elects a new Board at its Annual General Meeting at the Reeperbahn Festival

27th August 2017 - A Landmark Day: MERLIN announces a billion dollars paid to independent record labels

11th July 2017 - IMPALA welcomes European Parliament move to get platforms to pay fair

3rd July 2017 - Support in the European Parliament for a EU music programme

29th June 2017 - Press Release - Landmark Canadian Supreme Court Ruling: Search Engines Can Be Compelled to Remove Illegal Sites from Results

8th June 2017 - MERLIN MEMBER SURVEY 2017: A great leap forward, with one step back

8th June 2017 - Mind the gap: Is Europe set to recalibrate the digital market?

7th June 2017 - IMPALA at MIDEM 2017: Young Label Spotlight and Balkan Focus

1st June 2017 - Cross-sectoral letter on ongoing trilogue negotiations on the proposed Geo-blocking Regulation

10th May 2017 - Recalibrating the digital market – IMPALA calls on Europe to ensure platforms pay fair and play fair

20th April 2017 - Spotify and Merlin agree to new multi-year global license agreement for the world’s leading independent record labels

21th March 2017 - Agnes Obel scoops IMPALA European Independent Album of the Year Award with Citizen of Glass

20th March 2017 - New Study Provides First Ever Global Overview of Chart Reporting

7th March 2017 - 25 artists up for best independent album of the year in Europe

13th December 2016 - IMPALA welcomes European Parliament call for a coherent EU strategy for culture

7th December 2016 - “Plus 1 – Refugees welcome!” receives IMPALA Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award

14th September 2016 - Towards a fair and competitive licensing market: IMPALA comments on EC copyright proposal

2nd August 2016 - IMPALA slams EU’s decision to clear Sony’s buyout of Sony/ATV

20th July 2016 - Further concerns over “transformative” Sony/SonyATV transaction raised in Brussels

18th July 2016 - This Autumn will be critical for the creative & cultural sectors in Europe

5th July 2016 - This month's FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN becomes SIXUNDERFIFTEEN

30th June 2016 - Artists call on the EU to fix the value gap

24th June 2016 - IMPALA statement on Brexit

21st June 2016 - IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

16th June 2016 - Merlin membership survey 2016: Streaming revenues go global - accelerating digital growth for independent music

6th June 2016 - Independent, young and inspiring - Meet this month's FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN

3rd June 2016 - First global market share analysis of the independent music sector

25th May 2016 - Independent music companies welcome Europe’s plans to improve fairness in dealings with online platforms

9th May 2016 - Independent labels going strong with IMPALA Sales Awards clocking up another 10 million units

3rd May 2016 - 5-UNDER-15 continues with five new labels in the IMPALA spotlight

22nd April 2016 - Market leader seeks more power - IMPALA comment on Sony-Sony/ATV

31st March 2016 - IMPALA launches Young Label Spotlight Project 5-UNDER-15

29th February 2016 - “Vestiges & Claws” by José González wins special edition of European Independent Album of the Year Award

8th February 2016 - Merlin - Reduction in Administration Fees for members of national associations

1st February 2016 - IMPALA features young labels in shortlist for European Independent Album of the Year Award

17th December 2015 - Eurosonic Noorderslag receives IMPALA Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award

9th December 2015 - Closing the gaps, growing the pie – independent music companies’ vision on EU’s copyright plans

17th November 2015 - Merlin Announces Board Election Results for 2015-17

20th October 2015 - 10 years on for UNESCO & cultural diversity – IMPALA calls for the EU to take the lead on “fair and equitable access”

5th October 2015 - Online memorandum in France – IMPALA underlines independent sector’s lead in securing more value

24th September 2015 - IMPALA elects new Board and celebrates 15th anniversary at Reeperbahn Festival

25th June 2015 - Merlin membership survey 2015: surge in music streams delivers digital growth for independent labels

24th June 2015 - European independent sector welcomes Apple Music's new terms

18th June 2015 - EU Digital Assembly - IMPALA calls for a level playing field

7th May 2015 - Digital Single Market - IMPALA welcomes the EU's commitment to review online platforms and calls for an industrial policy for culture to build on Europe's position as a world leader

26th March 2015 - The road to a thriving digital market: MEP Verheyen hosts debate with leading independent music companies

2nd March 2015 - Copyright and the Digital Single Market: a birds eye view from the independent music sector

12th February 2015 - City Slang's CARIBOU pockets IMPALA European Album of the Year Award

29th January 2015 - 23 albums up for European Independent Album of the Year Award

27th January 2015 - Promoting Europe's digital market through culture - Independent labels launch ten-point Action Plan as news of YouTube abuses resurface and the copyright debate heats up in Brussels 

2nd December 2014 - Cultural and creative industries in the EU show a way out of the economic crisis

14th November 2014 - IMPALA - IMPALA welcomes YouTube launch announcement including independents

6th November 2014 - IMPALA Awards for European Independent Acts Hit Record Levels

28th October 2014 - A New Narrative - Some ideas for a Heart and Soul to go with Europe’s Body and Mind

14th August 2014 - Open letter to President Juncker from the cultural and creative sectors

6th August 2014 - Merlin and Pandora Partner to Help Independent Labels and Artists Grow Their Businesses

16th July 2014 - Strong European Support for Fair Digital Deals for Artists as WIN launches Worldwide Declaration Day

27th June 2014 - Dispute between YouTube and independent music companies – formal process starts in Brussels

18th June 2014 - IMPALA and WIN call YouTube's decision to launch streaming service without independent label support "a grave error of commercial judgement"

11th June 2014 - IMPALA and WIN receive the prestigious Mario Pacheco award for outstanding contribution to independent music from UFi in Madrid

11th June 2014 - IMPALA Album of the Year winner Guadalupe Plata sweeps the Board at Spanish independent awards by UFI

4th June 2014 - WIN, FAC and IMPALA issue urgent call for regulatory intervention from the EC

22nd May 2014 - YouTube issues content blocking threats to independent labels - WIN and IMPALA Raise Concerns About New Music Streaming Agreements

21st May 2014 - On World Cultural Diversity Day, IMPALA calls on the EU to build a new framework to achieve diversity, competition and 'fiscal fairness' in the online environment

9th May 2014 - "Safe harbour" abuse and other imbalances in the music sector - call for action from Beggars Group's Martin Mills

11th April 2014 - EU Competition Day: IMPALA calls for open & diverse digital market & 'recasting' of competition policy in cultural markets

13th March 2014 - IMPALA interview with Mark Kitcatt (Everlasting Records)

13th March 2014 - IMPALA music prize goes to Guadalupe Plata for the best European Independent Album of the Year

6th March 2014 - CW! welcomes the closure of the European Commission’s public consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules

27th February 2014 - European Independent Album of the Year - 24 albums make it to IMPALA's shortlist

18th February 2014 - Leading independent dance label Armada Music and its founder Armin van Buuren honoured by IMPALA Outstanding Contribution award

12th February 2014 - Merlin's CEO Charles Caldas on Indies, Streaming and the Market Share Issue (Op-Ed)

7th February 2014 - Independent Music Companies call on policymakers to make EU "fit for copyright in the digital age"

4th February 2014 - Every voice counts - IMPALA calls on whole music sector to speak up on copyright in Europe

25th November 2013 - Creativity Works! Welcomes OHIM study on citizens and IP

15th November 2013 - Global rights agency, Merlin, announces the results of its biennial board election.

24th October 2013 - Charles Caldas: Why we haven’t reached digital music’s golden era

18th October 2013 - European creative organisations launch Creativity Works! coalition in Brussels

7th October 2013 - Merlin hires Roger Gold as US Commercial and Strategic Advisor

30th September 2013 - Creative and cultural sectors welcome study showing value of IP-intensive industries

27th September 2013 - Jean Michel Jarre warns against the damaging consequences for authors should the Belgian government modify copyright in Belgium

12th September 2013 - Cultural and Creative Industries' Platform welcomes European Parliament call for promotion of sectors as sources of growth and jobs

11th September 2013 - IMPALA presents electronic duo Modeselektor with a Double Silver Award at VUT Indie Days

10th September 2013 - IMPALA elects a new Board in Berlin, at AGM hosted by VUT at the inaugural 'VUT Indie Days'

29th August 2013 - Latest Euro Indie airplay charts by Nielsen Music and IMPALA show most successful independent artists on European radio in the second quarter of 2013

17th June 2013 - EU budget discussions: Prioritising Culture, the cement that binds Europe together

5th June 2013 - Merlin turns 5

29th May 2013 - Content and Creativity Fuel Europe's Competitiveness

16th May 2013 - Merlin survey shows independents at the forefront of the streaming market

16th May 2013 - Latest Euro Indie charts by Nielsen Music and IMPALA shows most played independent artists on European radio in 2013 so far

15th May 2013 - IMPALA statement on the EC approval of the sale of Parlophone to Warner Music Group

13th May 2013 - UPFI welcomes the voluntary and ambitious nature of the measures regarding cultural industries but expressed concerns about the direction of some proposals on the music industry

27th March 2013 - IMPALA annual outstanding contribution award goes to MERLIN’s CEO Charles Caldas

14th March 2013 - The xx's Coexist wins European Independent Album of the Year Award

19th February 2013 - IMPALA and MERLIN reach agreement with WARNER Music Group to strengthen the independent sector

8th February 2013 - Nielsen Music and IMPALA radio charts highlight most played independent artists in 2012, new report puts spotlight on diversity of European radio

8th February 2013 - IMPALA - Warner's purchase of Parlophone expected to counter music duopoly

4th February 2013 - European Platform on the potential of Cultural and Creative Industries - A strong budget for Creative Europe

3rd February 2013 - Who paid more tax in the UK than Facebook, Google and Amazon combined?

31st January 2013 - EMO and IMPALA call for a strong budget for the Creative Europe Programme

29th January 2013 - European bank debates new loan guarantee scheme with indie labels and publishers at world's biggest music fair

28th January 2013 - MySpace: A statement from AIM, A2IM, AIR, IMPALA and WIN

24th January 2013 - IMPALA unveils shortlist for 2012 European Independent Album of The Year Award

11th January 2013 - Independent music companies ask EC to investigate EMI divestment processes by Sony and Universal

13th December 2012 - More independent artists take European Gold, Silver and Platinum awards than ever before...

20th November 2012 - A strong budget and innovative financial facility essential for Europe's Cultural and Creative Sectors...

15th November 2012 - Latest Euro Indie airplay charts by Nielsen Music and IMPALA highlight most successful independent artists on European radio in the third quarter, new entries, top climbers...

22nd October 2012 - UPFI press release: France: Tax credit for the music sector to be renewed for 3 more years (2013-2015)

15th October 2012 - Creators object to tech companies’ suggestion to replace private copying levies by state fund systems

26th September 2012 - Declaration on Private Copying Remuneration - An essential source of income for Europe’s creators

21st September 2012 - Merlin Reaction To FTC Approval of Universal/EMI

21st September 2012 - Merlin Reaction To EC Approval of Universal/EMI

21st September 2012 - IMPALA objects to EC approval of Universal/EMI merger

17th September 2012 - Independent music companies urge the EC to "take a stance" and block the Universal/EMI merger

23rd August 2012 - New European airplay charts by Nielsen Music/IMPALA highlight the most successful independent artists of Q2 2012

27th July 2012 - Spain tramples EU law on copyright and neighbouring rights, putting at risk a major financial resource for artists and the cultural and creative industries

17th July 2012 - IMPALA continues its opposition to the Universal/EMI merger

28th June 2012 - IMPALA welcomes publication of European regulator's decision on Sony/EMI merger

15th June 2012 - As Caro Emerald hits Triple Platinum, over 100 releases by independent artists including Selah Sue.... pick up IMPALA European Sales Awards, with Adele’s 21 reaching an incredible Twenty Five Times Platinum

8th June 2012 - IMPALA welcomes EC confirmation that it will move to the "next stage" in Universal/EMI investigation

21st May 2012 - New study quantifies the value consumers place on copying music when buying new devices

14th May 2012 - European Commissioner stands up for copyright, separating myth from reality

27th April 2012 - Most successful independent music in Europe so far in 2012, new download and airplay charts published by Nielsen and IMPALA

20th April 2012 - International unions come out against EMI/Universal merger

19th April 2012 - IMPALA objects to European Commission approval of Sony/ATV's acquisition of EMI Publishing

6th April 2012 - Private copying remuneration – new study highlights positive impact

5th April 2012 - Merlin agrees settlement of infringement claim with Sirius

4th April 2012 - IMPALA welcomes start of mediation process on private copying levies

29th March 2012 - Mary Honeyball MEP leads a debate at the EP on how to grow Europe’s cultural SMEs in the face of increasing concentration

26th March 2012 - EC reveals reason for detailed Universal/EMI investigation: market power cannot be restrained by customers, competitors or piracy

19th March 2012 - IMPALA welcomes reports of Europe raising serious doubts about Universal's bid for EMI

8th March 2012 - IMPALA and Nielsen Music launch new pan-European independent music charts

1st March 2012 - “21” by Adele wins the IMPALA European Independent Album of the Year Award

1st March 2012 - Merlin announces settlement of copyright infringement claims against LimeWire

28th February 2012 - Sony/EMI deal notified to European regulators - Independents warn of dangers of increased power

20th February 2012 - IMPALA welcomes start of Universal/EMI regulatory process in Europe, expects outright 'no' to protect online market and consumer prices

16th February 2012 - IMPALA publishes 23-album shortlist for European Independent Album of the Year Award

2nd February 2012 - IMPALA honours Martin Mills and Label Love with Outstanding Contribution Awards

26th January 2012 - EMI - opposition to Universal and Sony mounts as reports circulate of regulatory filings in Europe

19th January 2012 - Cross-border music in Europe dominated by USA repertoire

18th January 2012 - Towards a Global Manifesto for the Independent Music Industry


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