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Formed in 2000 by prominent independent music companies and national trade associations, IMPALA is a non-profit making pan-European organisation with a scientific and artistic purpose, dedicated to small, micro and medium sized music companies and self releasing artists. With nearly 6,000 members in Europe, IMPALA has a broad ranging agenda. You can read more about our mission, what we are currently working on and our milestones below, as well as more detail and accompanying documents on specific priorities on our resources page.

It is also important to underline the importance of structures such as labels in the music sector who bring risk taking, stability, scale, investment, brand, expertise, experience, as well as the all important “belonging“ or identification with what a label stands for and how that adds huge value to creators. This is totally unique and is on top of many other indispensable services that labels provide. This is also the case in other cultural sectors of course. In the music sector for example over 80% of all new releases in Europe are on SME and also micro labels.  This is still not enough for demand. These labels are solicited more today than ever before by artists looking to work with a label. It is vital that the role of these structures is reinforced. As mostly small businesses, they need the right market and financial conditions to grow.


IMPALA’s mission is to grow the independent music sector sustainably, return more value to artists, promote diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access, inspire change and increase access to finance.

Grow the independent sector

Promoting growth is about maximising all commercial opportunities, delivering a proper regulatory framework, with improved market access, better finance, true diversity and greener business practices. Our goal is not just a level playing field, but also a premium for independent music.

Return more value to artists

Removing all barriers to licensing online and off-line is vital. Closing these “value gaps” is important as they transfer value away from all creators. Returning value to artists also means full transparency, proper reporting and revenue sharing.

Promote diversity and entrepreneurship

By discovering and releasing the most innovative artists, our members play a key role in developing the cultural landscape and delivering choice for artists and fans. We seek an economic and regulatory environment that promotes this work and also actively fosters diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship. We also promote the right conditions to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle climate emergency.

Improve political access

We help smaller businesses to work together to match the influence of larger companies and make themselves visible at political level. IMPALA provides an active single voice for the independent sector.

Inspire change

By broadening the agenda and offering new solutions, IMPALA is a sector leader and aims to inspire decision makers to improve conditions for cultural SMEs, achieve inclusion and diversity, promote sustainable and green economic growth and unlock future investment.

Increase access to finance

To maximise the full potential of Europe’s cultural and creative SMEs, we call for a new financial approach to culture. Investment in culture would increase if fiscal and other incentives were promoted. Reduced VAT rates on cultural goods and services, loan guarantee schemes, tax credits and valuation of intangible assets are key tools. Ending double taxation is also crucial.

Find out more about IMPALA’s achievements under milestones. 

What we are currently working on

IMPALA enables the independents to leverage their collective strength with credibility and experience.

IMPALA’s actions include:


To see what has been achieved, read our IMPALA’s milestones here.

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Be sure to listen to the podcast with one of IMPALA’s founders, Michel Lambot why it was a good idea to found it and some of the highlights. Find it on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcast and Deezer.


For more detail and accompanying documents on specific priorities click here.

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