Our Boards and committees

IMPALA has an administrative board of directors who are responsible for taking care of financial and regulatory matters, as well as a separate body to advise on strategy and assist the secretariat (executive board who are not directors of the association). Alongside these two bodies we have a host of working groups and task forces who work on specific issues, see more below. 
IMPALA’s executive board members are listed here, with links to more info on each member’s representative. See below for the list of directors of the association.  




Executive Chair

Other Executive Board Members

AIM (UK National Association)

AIM Ireland

Pedro Marques

Olga Solyanik

Matej Burda

Martin Nedvêd


IMPALA’s administrative board of directors 

Three members plus the Executive Chair are directors of the association and are responsible for technical issues such as finance, local regulatory matters. All four are also on the Executive Board listed above.

IMPALA’s committees, working groups and task forces 

Issue led, these groups carry out essential work for IMPALA members. Our current set up is as follows: 

Committees and task forces 

  • Collecting societies committee
  • Copyright & performer committee
  • Digital committee
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion task force
  • Friends working group
  • Emerging Tech working group
  • National association network
  • PR and Awards committee
  • RAAP working group
  • Streaming reform working group
  • Sustainability task force 
  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) group
  • Touring group
  • Vinyl pressing group

External groups

  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) group
  • WIN Board members (European representatives)

IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association

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