IMPALA has nearly 6,000 members including top independent music companies and national associations of independent companies across Europe. Companies can join IMPALA as long as they are a member of their national association where one exists in their country. All members of associations are also members of IMPALA – see association page here. This can also allow them to maximise their Merlin membership as the independents’ digital rights agency offers a discount to IMPALA members and members of IMPALA’s member associations at national level. You can also become a direct member of IMPALA. 
Below is a list of companies who are direct members of IMPALA in alphabetical order. If you are not already a direct member, feel free to email for more information on joining.
Please note that direct membership is also available via your national association which can select one of their members for free membership of IMPALA for two years, during which they also join the board. This is part of IMPALA’s new membership programme and board diversity initiative launched in September 2021. (Please also note that if you are a company on the board of IMPALA you can also select one of your staff members to share your seat for two years, during which they also join the board.)






IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association

Rue des Deux Eglises 37-39, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

+32 2 503 31 38