Central and Eastern Europe

IMPALA’s work with independent record labels in Central and Eastern Europe is key. There is a clear move by local actors towards local structuring, setting up national associations and organising international music-related events and showcase festivals.  


There are three types of situations:  

  • Established national associations that have already joined IMPALA: ANPM (Poland), BMYD (Turkey), HAIL (Hungary), INDIERO (Romania), Platforma (Czech Republic) or RUNDA (Balkans), ANMIP (Bulgaria) 
  • National associations in the process of being established and joining IMPALA (Russia)  
  • Earlier stage talks about the possible set-up of a national association and work at national level towards the establishment of such an association (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, etc.)   

These territories represent key markets, with 150M+ citizens.  


IMPALA’s strategy in the region includes:  

  • Empowering local independents by facilitating the establishment of national associations (advice, sharing of best practices, hands-on approach) and acting as intermediary and facilitator in discussions at national level in order to foster an inclusive approach.  
  • Ensuring access to finance for these new associations. 
  • Engaging in contacts with local government authorities and acting as facilitator when required.  
  • Ensuring maximum visibility of independent efforts in the region, mainly through key music business events (outreach, presentations, promotion of local independent agendas) such as MENT, BUSH, Nouvelle Prague, PIN Music Conference, MMB – Mastering the Music Business, Yerevan Music Week, etc.  

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