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Data, Europe, equality and the value gap: seven things we learned at Eurosonic 2017

Mi2N 08/06/2016 - IMPALA Slams EU Decision To Clear Sony's Buyout Of Sony/ATV

Music Business Worldwide 02/08/2016 - Sony’s $750m buyout of Sony/ATV has been cleared in Europe

Music Week 02/08/2016 - Sony Corp's Michael Jackson estate buyout 'clearly wrong' says

The New York Times 02/08/2016 - Sony Is Allowed to Close Deal With Michael Jackson’s Estate

Politico 02/08/2016 - EU backs Sony’s Michael Jackson deal

MusikWoche 02/08/2016 - Impala kritisiert grünes Licht der EU für Sony/ATV

Pitchfork 30/06/2016 - YouTube to Critics: Music Industry’s Future “Brighter Than Ever”

Consequence of Sound 30/06/2016 - Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and 1,000 other artists petition EU over YouTube copyright practices

MusikWoche 30/06/2016 - Europas Musikstars beschweren sich bei Juncker über YouTube

Billboard 30/06/2016 - 1,000 Artists Including Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran Write Letter to European Leaders Over YouTube

Complete Music Update 28/06/2016 - European Commission set to rule on the Sony/ATV deal in August

Billboard 27/06/2016 - EU Regulators Near Decision on Sony/ATV's Jackson Buyout

Music Business Worldwide 27/06/2016 - Could the EU block Sony/ATV’s $750m Michael Jackson deal?

Complete Music Update 27/06/2016 - UK and international music industry trade bodies try to put a positive spin on Brexit

Mi2N 26/06/2016 - IMPALA Welcomes Call From European Parliamentarians To Close The Value Gap

Music Business Worldwide 25/06/2016 - UK music business remains bullish over international relations following Brexit outcome

Rockol 25/06/2016 - Brexit: IMPALA dirama un commento ufficiale

Music Week 24/06/2016 - EU Referendum: the music biz reacts

Hypebot 24/06/2016 - Music Industry Reacts To UK EU Brexit

Complete Music Update 22/06/2016 - Artist organisations says ‘value gap’ not just about what YouTube pays the labels

MusikWoche 22/06/2016 - Impala unterstützt Aufruf des EU-Parlaments zur Copyright-Reform

Record of the Day 21/06/2016 - IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

Music Week 21/06/2016 - IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

Music Week 20/06/2016 - Brexit: the biz votes Remain

Complete Music Update 06/06/2016 - Indie sector report hones in on market share definitions

Mi2N 29/05/2016 - IMPALA Statement On EU Communication On Online Platforms And E-Commerce Package

Mi2N 15/05/2016 - Independent Labels Going Strong With IMPALA Sales Awards Clocking Up Another 10 Million Units

Music Week 13/05/2016 - Impala Sales Awards showcase indie successes

MusikWoche 11/05/2016 - Deutsche Indie-Produktionen erhalten 24 Impala Sales Awards

MusikWoche 04/05/2016 - Impala zeichnet weitere Labels auf der Midem aus

The Independent Echo 02/05/2016 - Meet April's Crop of Young Independent Labels

Complete Music Update 22/04/2016 - Indie publishers add to criticism of Sony/ATV deal

Billboard 22/04/2016 - Concerns Over Sony's Market Power Leads Rivals to Urge EU Action on Michael Jackson Deal

Bloomberg  20/04/2016 - Sony Music Rivals Said to Seek EU Action on Michael Jackson Deal

Music Week 01/04/2016 - IMPALA launches 'Five Under Fifteen' feature to put spotlight on young independent labels

The Independent Echo 31/03/2016 - Meet Europe's Young Independent Labels

Music Week 29/02/2016 - José González wins IMPALA Album Of The Year

Complete Music Update 02/02/2016 - IMPALA announces European Indie Album Of The Year shortlist

Music Week 01/02/2016 - IMPALA showcases young labels in European Independent Album Of The Year award

Entertainment Business Live 04/01/2016 - IMPALA: al 15 jaar de stem van independents

Music Week 21/12/2015 - Fighting the good fight.pdf

Music Week 17/12/2015 - Eurosonic Noorderslag receives IMPALA's outstanding contribution award

Record of the Day 17/12/2015 - Eurosonic Noorderslag receives IMPALA Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award

Complete Music Update 10/12/2015 - European Commission announces copyright reform agenda

The Independent Echo 29/10/2015 - IMPALA: 15 Years of Fighting for Independence

Musikmarkt 20/10/2015 - IMPALA urges EU to apply the principle of "fair and equitable access" (article in German)

Music Week 25/09/2015 - IMPALA elects new Board

MusikWoche 25/09/2015 - Impala wählte Vorstand und feierte Jubiläum

Music Week 15/09/2015 - Cooking Vinyl, PIAS and IMPALA execs to speak at ADE

Music Week 24/06/2015 - IMPALA 'welcomes' new Apple Music terms

Complete Music Update 08/05/2015 - IMPALA and IFPI welcome European Commission’s digital single market

Music Business Worldwide 16/02/2015 - Caribou’s Our Love wins ‘European Mercury’

Complete Music Update 13/02/2015 - IMPALA chief explains Europe’s Digital Single Market initiative, and why it’s important to the future of music

Music Week 12/02/2015 - Caribou scoops IMPALA album award

Complete Music Update Trends Report February 2015 - Q&A Helen Smith, IMPALA.pdf

Music Week 30/01/2015 - European Indie Album Of The Year nominations revealed.pdf

Complete Music Update 27/01/2015 - IMPALA's Digital Action Plan

Complete Music Update 27/01/2015 - IMPALA launches Digital Action Plan as digital single market plan discussed by European culture committee

Music Week 27/01/2015 - IMPALA sets out 10 point plan for 'healthy licensing environment' in Europe

Music Business Worldwide 27/01/2015 - Indies aim to chase ‘safe harbour’ out of the EU

Record of the Day 27/01/2015 - Promoting Europe's digital market through culture

Complete Music Update 03/12/2014 - New report champions economic importance of creative industries

Music Week 07/11/2014 - Indie acts surge to EU success.pdf

Music Week 18/08/2014 - IFPI, Impala and Vivendi make case for creative industries to EU President-Elect

New report champions economic importance of creative industries - See more at:

Record of the Day 27/06/2014 - Dispute between YouTube and independent music companies – formal process starts in Brussels

Billboard 06/06/2014 - WIN's Alison Wenham on Licensing Imbroglio: 'YouTube Is Trying To Devalue The Streaming Market'

Record of the Day 04/06/2014 - WIN, FAC and IMPALA Issue Urgent Call For Regulatory intervention From The EC

Complete Music Update 14/03/2014 Guadalupe Plata win IMPALA best album prize

Complete Music Update 21/02/2014 IMPALA hands annual award to Armin van Buuren

Billboard 12/02/2014 - Merlin's CEO Charles Caldas on Indies, Streaming and the Market Share Issue (Op-Ed)

The Parliament Magazine 07/02/2013 - Independent music companies call on policymakers to make EU 'fit for copyright in the digital age'

Music Week 04/02/2014 - IMPALA calls for music sector contribution to EU copyright consultation

Billboard 28/01/2014 - Int'l Power Players: Impala

Music Week 29/08/2013 - Dumont leads Brits on Q2 indie EU airplay chart

Music Week 31/05/2013 - Impala charts-Nielsen Q1 2013.pdf

Music Week 15/05/2013 - IMPALA: Warner's Parlophone deal will help re-balance market

Billboard 29/03/2013 - Charles Caldas wins IMPALA Award.png

Music Week 14/03/2013 - The xx wins IMPALA Award.pdf

Music Week 21/02/2013 Indies WMG.pdf

Music Week 21/02/13 Album of the Year Award Nominations.pdf

Financial Times 20/02/2013 - Warner indies deal.pdf

Financial Times - Music labels rocked by bid for Parlophone.jpg

The Parliament Magazine 07/02/2013 - Independent music companies call on policymakers to make EU 'fit for copyright in the digital age'

Music Week 24/01/2013 - IMPALA Awards.pdf

Music Week 13/12/2012 - IMPALA Sales Awards.pdf

Music Week 26/09/2012 - IMPALA: 'private copying remuneration remains essential for artists'

Music Week 16/11/2012 - IMPALA - Nielsen Q3 Charts.pdf

Music Week 2012 - IMPALA -Nielsen  & Q4 Charts.pdf

Music Week - IMPALA/Nielsen team up for new quarterly European Rankings.jpg

Financial Times 21/09/2012 - Universal’s £1.2bn bid for EMI approved.pdf

The Guardian 21/09/2012 - Universal's £1.2bn EMI takeover approved – with conditions.pdf

Financial Times 22/07/2012 - Universal asset sales may bypass

MusicWeek 25/11/2011 - IMPALA Body Talk.pdf

The Independent 12/09/2011 - Placido Domingo hails copyright extension.pdf

Music Week 05/03/2011 - Eftterklang IMPALA Award.pdf

Music Week 26/02/2011 - IMPALA European Independent AotY.pdf

Music Week 27/11/2010 - Impala takes its next leap.pdf

Music Week 07/08/2010 - IMPALA Green Paper Press.pdf

Music Week 12/06/2010 - IMPALA urges EU to act on piracy.pdf

Music Week 06/02/2010  - IMPALA Action Plan for Finance.pdf

Billboard - IMPALA Awards.png

The Guardian 04/10/2007 - Independents decry approval of Sony-BMG merger.pdf

The Guardian 22/02/2007 - Impala to meet EC commissioner Neelie Kroes.pdf


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