IMPALA ONE STEP AHEAD – Marketing report and webinar 18 February

15th February 2021,

The second report of IMPALA’s One Step Ahead project is out, with a webinar on 18 February at 3pm CET for IMPALA members. IMPALA members can register here:

The report “Marketing Power Through Data And Networks” can be accessed by members here:

This second report from One Step Ahead looks at how music marketing  – and the role of record labels as key marketeers in the music industry – has evolved over the last two decades. Labels remain crucial marketing partners for the artists they sign and work with, but the way a label delivers value has changed and is changing.

For labels, data and networks play an increasingly important role, maximising marketing power and boosting the value of campaigns. In this report members will get insights on how to build, grow, manage and protect these crucial assets. 

About IMPALA’s One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead is a new digital intelligence facility managed by IMPALA in partnership with CMU, which sets out to enable independent music companies across Europe to navigate and identify trends, developments, challenges and opportunities in the digital music market. IMPALA members can access a series of reports, briefings and webinars. Past reports, slides and recordings from webinars are available here:


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