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We are featuring member companies and music industry initiatives that are leading the way with their sustainability actions. Learn more about them and get inspired!

Watch this space for more Earth Day 2024 initiatives as they get announced.

K7 Music

K7 Music believes in a shared responsibility to tackle the climate crisis. They urge the governments to urgently put in place the best structural and legislative frameworks required to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. !K7 Music also want to take responsibility for their own carbon footprint and reduce it wherever possible. They have developed a company-wide target to decarbonise and significantly reduce the environmental impact of their operations and created a carbon report.

Find their carbon reports here.

Ninja Tune

Environmental sustainability is a priority for Ninja Tune. Our founders, Coldcut, have a long history of environmental activism including support for Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Music Declares Emergency. We are committed to improving our practices, measuring our footprint and balancing our emissions in a responsible manner. See more here

Beggars Group

Beggars are committed to becoming a carbon negative business – this means that they will aim to reduce their carbon footprint to less than zero, to have the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it. Taking action on sustainability issues is important to their stakeholders – including artists and employees – and to the continued success of their business. The climate and ecological crisis is one of the great challenges facing humanity and Beggars want its impact as a business to be beneficial to the environment.


For Earth Day 2024, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep and Reflections are each presenting a bespoke planet-inspired mix, the royalties from which will go to raise funds for the Ocean Conservation Trust.

Alongside this, as being a sustainable business is a year-round endeavour, they have are also reaffirmed their commitment to the planet, and have published our new Sustainability web page, detailing HQ’s plans for the future.

Check out the mixes here and find out more about their sustainability programme here.

Based on an impact study conducted among its members, FÉLIN (National Federation of Independent Record Labels and Distributors) launched RE-DISCO in June 2023, the first record recycling scheme for independent labels and distributors. Conceived in partnership with ATMOS Plastics and the ESAT ‘Les Ateliers vers l’Autonomie’  the RE-DISCO project facilitates the reuse and recycling of unsold records from independent labels and distributors and supports them through the application of the AGEC law and the ecological transition.

Since the project was launched, FÉLIN has organized two sessions, resulting in the collection of 7 and 38 tons of records (CDs and vinyl), totaling 100,000 records and 286,000 records respectively from 45 of the participating labels and distributors. RE-DISCO is a FÉLIN initiative, open to all its members as well as members from independent label unions (SMA and UPFI).

Music Declares Emergency

Launched in July 2019, Music Declares Emergency is an independent group with no party political or commercial affiliations who believe in the power of music to promote the necessary cultural changes to create a greener, fairer, better future.

For this Earth Day, music fans are invited to join their Earth Day Challenge. Find out more and sign up here.


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Music Climate Pact

The Music Climate Pact is a global platform, initiated by the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) and record labels association the BPI, as a response to COP26 and the urgent call for collective action to combat the climate crisis.

On this Earth Day, the Music Climate Pact have appointed Roxy Erickson, co-founder of sustainability consultancy Creative Zero, as Project Manager to lead on the next phase of the Music Climate Pact. Read more here.


As an alternative to carbon offsetting, IMPALA is investigating how its members can support projects that have more immediate systemic impact. Murmur is a climate investment initiative founded by leaders in climate strategy and the creative industries, which enables the worlds of visual arts and music to play their part in combatting the climate crisis. Overseen by a panel of experts, Murmur’s strategic climate fund will direct finance towards the most impactful climate mitigation work they can find.

IMPALA’s Membership Carbon Report

This report details the findings from data submitted by independent labels so far to the IMPALA Carbon Calculator. The free tool was launched in April 2022, followed by a short EU supported training programme IMPACTS from September 2022 to Spring 2023 in key countries.

Using this data, it has been possible to estimate average carbon footprint of the labels using the tool so far, as well as to identify the typical emissions hotspots for independent labels.

Find the report here.

IMPALA’s Standards Report

Within the scope of IMPACTS – IMPALA’s Climate Training and Standards Project, IMPALA established a framework to start looking at how sector-wide benchmarks and standards might be developed. This framework was built on conclusions reached through expert meetings of IMPALA’s Climate Analysis Group consisting of IMPALA member companies and external climate experts (Thema1, Julie’s Bicycle).

Find the report here.

Trailblazers in the sector

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About IMPALA’s sustainability programme

The calculator is part of IMPALA’s larger sustainability scheme which encompasses a long-term programme for members, announced in April 2021. The overall ambition is to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050, (or sooner if feasible), and measure and disclose greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. By 2026, we hope that a majority of our members will have adopted our Climate Declaration for Individual Companies. So far IMPALA has released a sustainability charter in 15 points, practical guidance for members and a climate declaration for members. IMPALA also uses its voice to amplify other climate initiatives from the music sector, see more here.

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