Find out more about the people who drive the sector and the work that goes on behind the scenes.

20MinutesWith is a series of bite-sized and informative episodes, curated and hosted in London by Juliana Koranteng business journalist focusing on the international media and entertainment businesses. Editing and production is done in Brussels by Romuald Dagry. 

In the time it takes you to to back up your computer or take your dog for a walk, get a closer look at what moves those who shape the landscape of independent music in Europe today. 

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Marius Mihalache, the exceptional dulcimer player from Romania on his world famous career, why the instrument is so special, what inspires him when writing music and working on film scores, his view on diversity on digital services, and how his playing is influenced by energy with his audience. Marius also talks about growing up in a family of musicians and how music has always been part of his life.


On Marius’ playlist:  INNA, The Motans, Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica, Mike Godoroja & Blue Spirit, Alexandra Ungureanu, Byron, Vunk, Luiza Zan



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Michel Lambot from [PIAS] on setting up IMPALA in a garden, why there was a need in 2000 and how it evolved, as well as why he thought having open market access was a good idea. Michel also talks about IMPALA’s highlights in the last 20 years, including merger work and developing links in central and eastern Europe. Based on his energetic entrepreneurial spirit, Michel also gives advice to upcoming industry professionals.


On Michel’s playlist: Sister Europe by The Psychedelic Furs, S. Marie Keyrouz, Arlo Parks, Nick Cave, Suite bergamasque by Claude Debussy




IMPALA’s 10-point plan on streaming models explained by Paul Pacifico, CEO of AIM, the UK Association of Independent Music. Find out what models IMPALA proposes and their recommendations to make streaming work, why equitable remuneration isn’t the answer (and why it doesn’t equate with fair remuneration), as well as IMPALA’s view on user centric, the UK streaming inquiry, and why a systemic change is needed to provide a dynamic & responsible future for artists, labels and fans.


On Paul’s playlist: All New Independent Playlist (AIM)




All about Brexit with Jane Golding, IMPALA’s regulatory lawyer and Mark Kitcatt from Everlasting Records, Spain. So what is life after Brexit for music companies, artists and citizens? Mark and Jane (who is also co-chair of British in Europe) talk about the current impact of Brexit on the music sector and also their own lives, why it is important for music companies and artists to be informed and vocal about the issues of mobility, touring, the economy and of course, what’s on their playlists.


On Jane’s playlist: “Such a Shame” by Talk Talk

On Mark’s playlist: Sleaford Mods, Black Midi, monodrama, Sofia Comas


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Kees van Weijen from STOMP on the EU copyright directive, the Netherlands being the first to implement it nationally, what it means for platforms and what changes now, IMPALA’s work in navigating the legislative process, the impact it could have on the global scale and of course why copyright is important in the first place. Kees also talks about his career and lets Juliana know what music he is listening to at the moment.


On Kees’ playlist: Danny Vera, IMPALA album of the year award nominee


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Three members of My Ugly Clementine, the latest winners of IMPALA’s Album of the Year Awardtalk about their debut album, “Vitamin C,” what it means to be a non-male band, challenging stereotypes, as well as their plans for playing live. The 20MinutesWith host Juliana Koranteng also discovers what Sophie Lindinger, Mira Lu Kovacs and Nastasja Ronck have in store for the future and, as always, what’s on their playlists.


On Nastasja’s playlist: Arlo Parks, Claud, The Weather Station, Aldous Harding, Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief, alyona alyona

On Sophie’s playlist: Perfume Genius, Fleet Foxes, Julia Jacklin, Sharon Van Etten

On Mira’s playlist: Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Adrianne Lenker, Blake Mills, Fiona Apple


Be sure to listen to MUC’s award winning album, Vitamin C!



Remi Harris MBE talks about “Easy Money?” her guide to funding in the music business, why we need to stay optimistic in this crisis, her pathway to becoming a renowned financial expert and her work at UK Music on diversity and inclusion. Juliana Koranteng also discovers what’s Remi often heard saying and much more in this episode of 20MinutesWith.

On Remi’s playlist: Lauren Housley


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Jérôme Roger from SPPF on European performance income, US repertoire, why 125m euros a year will be lost for European labels and performers unless EU moves fast. With all this coming out of a court case in Ireland and the USA being one of the only countries in the world where radio and cafes and bars don’t pay labels and performers (yes you heard right… even China has better protection now) this is full of intrigue.

On Jérôme’s playlist: Francis Cabrel, Christine and the Queens


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Gee Davy, the first COO of AIM UK on live streaming opportunities and challenges, AIM’s place in Europe, her own career path, and of course what’s on her playlist. Livestreaming is booming to connect artists and fans during the coronavirus pandemic – get practical tips and hear how being a scientist impacts Gee’s view of technology and embracing change.

On Gee’s playlist: Sufjan Stevens, Arlo Parks, KOKOROKO, Four Tet


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Jörg Heidemann from German indie association VUT on Covid-19 – how music has been affected, crisis responses from governments, the EU and IMPALA, as well as the positives we can take away and what he’s been listening to in 2020.


On Jörg’s playlist: Charles Pasi, Oscar Jerome


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Jason Rackham, Co-founder of #LoveRecordStores and MD of [PIAS] UK, talks about how the campaign #LoveRecordStores got started, the highlights so far, what it felt like winning IMPALA’s Outstanding Contribution Award, his vision for more collective action in the sector, as well as tips for focussing on artists, whatever type of work you do in the music sector.

On Jason’s playlist: Arlo Parks, The Idols, Khruangbin, Moses Boyd, Kamasi Washington, SAULT, Orlando Weeks

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The first episode features Helen Smith, IMPALA’s Executive Chair. Smith takes us on a personal journey…. what brought her to Brussels, her experience at IMPALA, views on hot topics like Brexit, Covid-19, the copyright directive, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, as well as her tips for anyone wanting to work in the music sector.

On Helen’s playlist: IMPALA 20th Anniversary #1 album of the year  playlist– the first 10 years

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