Brussels, 26 May 2021

Never before has data on the independent sector been so important. With ten days to go till the deadline, IMPALA has issued a call to all independent music companies across Europe to fill out the WINTEL survey hereThe survey is open until June 4th and all independent companies with some activity in the recorded music business can participate.

 WINTEL maps the global independent recorded music market and is a project carried out by IMPALA’s sister organisation WIN, the worldwide network for the independent sector, where IMPALA represents Europe. 

Helen Smith, IMPALA Executive Chair commented: “IMPALA’s message to members is simple – your data counts! It is more important than ever to have a complete picture of the independent sector’s value as we move ahead with implementing our key priorities. Whether it’s talking to governments about how they allocate their recovery budgets, competition authorities about cases they investigate, digital services about key commercial terms, how we will reduce our carbon footprint, what we need to make our sector more diverse and inclusive and in many more areas of our work, data is our foundation. It shines a light on what we are worth.”

IMPALA held a European Town Hall session with WIN on Wednesday 12th May to help answer questions and there is also a FAQ made available by WIN: 

Previous WINTEL reports, covering the period 2015 to 2017, represent the most comprehensive assessment of the global independent record label sector ever compiled. The 2021 edition is being produced in consultation with House of Research.

At the same time, IMPALA is also running the music sector’s first diversity and inclusion survey in Europe, to collect data and share best practices in the sector. For more information click here.

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