Madrid, 21st May 2024,

WIN presents guidance around key principles promoting safety, transparency, respect for copyright, a human-centered approach, ethics, and cross border consistency. 

WIN has created new guidance on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) outlining five key principles: respect for copyright; prioritisation of a human-centered approach; a focus on the safety of creators, fans, consumers and the public; transparency as a fundamental element; and a call for engagement through ethical development hand-in-hand with music. 

This collective effort is the result of extensive consultation with the global independent music community. It acknowledges the possibilities that AI offers for the creation, production, distribution and promotion of music, underlining that “training” of GenAI models on music and related content is subject to copyright and needs specific prior permission. WIN calls for developers and policymakers around the world to work together with the independent music community to achieve responsible and ethical GenAI development. 

The thousands of independent music businesses that make up WIN’s membership play a vital role in promoting new talent and diversity of genres and languages in the global music marketplace. These principles highlight their call for consistent high standards across the globe, as well as to engage with AI developers to build a licensing marketplace that works for the benefit of all. 

WIN Principles for Generative AI

  • AI development is subject to copyright
  • Prioritising a human-centered approach
  • Safety of creators, fans, consumers and the public
  • Transparency as a fundamental element
  • Ethical AI development hand-in-hand with music

WIN CEO Noemí Planas commented: “The global independent music community welcomes new technological developments which respect the value of music and creators’ rights. These principles for generative AI are the result of extensive consultation with independents around the world and align with our recently published Global Independent Values. With these principles provided as a compass, we look forward to collaborating with responsible AI developers and inspiring policymakers around the world.”

IMPALA’s Executive Chair Helen Smith continued: “These principles are a logical extension of our work on the just adopted EU AI Act, which is the world‘s first comprehensive AI framework to confirm clear copyright and transparency obligations on generative AI, setting a proper framework around AI and building the groundwork to explore commercial opportunities in AI for the use of copyrighted works. In line with the principles published today, we hope other regions of the world will follow the EU’s lead here”.

AIM CPO and Interim CEO Gee Davy added: “AI is a hugely exciting technology with far reaching benefits and potential new commercial and creative avenues. The recent wave of generative AI tools creates both opportunities and a very legitimate concern to protect music and musicians from bad actors who seek to undermine the value of music rather than engage constructively. With laws and regulations around AI emerging around the world, it’s essential to ensure they properly support human artistry and innovation. The global independent music community believes in leadership through knowledge-sharing and inclusive discussion. These principles have been created in that light, to provide the basis for meaningful collaboration and create a successful and creative future for AI in music, to the benefit of all participants.”

WIN Principles for Generative AI are available in English, Spanish, French, Korean and Portuguese.


About WIN

The Worldwide Independent Network connects and develops the global independent music community. WIN brings together trade associations representing thousands of independent music businesses around the world. We act as a global coordination and support network for the independent sector, focusing on its long-term development and sustainability. WIN promotes a diverse and vibrant ecosystem with full market access and equal opportunities for all independents, through transparency, innovation and cooperation. Learn more about the Global Independent Values here.


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