The European Sales Awards promote independents and their artists on the basis of pan-European sales at different points in the success spectrum.

The IMPALA Awards are the first sales awards which recognise that success on a pan-European basis needs to be acknowledged on different levels. They celebrate the fact that success begins well before sales reach 1 million (the only pan-European sales level officially recognised before IMPALA launched its own scheme). The IMPALA Awards are intended to provide a new tool for independent music companies and artists to promote themselves, both domestically and internationally. They also recognise new talent and cultural diversity, and the fact that in order to promote cultural diversity in a meaningful and practical way, success needs to be celebrated at a much earlier point in an artist’s career than when they reach 1 million sales.

Over 950 albums have now been registered for the IMPALA Sales Awards, representing more than 100 million units sold and €1.5bn in revenue.

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