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IMPALA Sales Awards - Certification and Order Form

The IMPALA European Sales Awards promote independents and their artists on the basis of pan-European sales at different points across the success spectrum. Results will be published widely.

The registration levels for awards are:

IMPALA Silver 20,000
IMPALA Double Silver 40,000
IMPALA Gold 75,000
IMPALA Double Gold 150,000
IMPALA Diamond 200,000
IMPALA Platinum 400,000
IMPALA Double Platinum 800,000

Please fill in part A to CERTIFY your recording sales in order to be included in the Impala Awards list, and complete part B to order the award. Please fill in a separate order form per title. Note you can order duplicate copies of one award on this form, but you should use a separate form for each different release. A checklist is available at the end of the form to make sure you have completed the process.

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Helen Smith is in Larry Leblanc's "In The Hot Seat" on Celebrity Access to discuss IMPALA's key issues for 2020: Tencent and UMG, copyright, Brexit, IMPALA's upcoming 20th birthday and much more.