Jonas Haentjes



Jonas Haentjes is the CEO of EDEL since 2017. EDEL (2018: EUR 209 million in revenue, 1100 employees) is a key player in the European music business being active across most genres (Pop, Rock, Dance, Jazz & Classical), offering digital and physical distribution as well as manufacturing (vinyls, CD, DVD & BD, books) to a very broad range of partner companies across all continents. EDEL was founded by Jonas’ father Michael Haentjes in 1986, went public in 1998 and is controlled by the Haentjes family, being the majority shareholders. Previously Jonas worked for 5 years as a management consultant for Roland Berger and Monitor Deloitte.  He focused on international pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, supporting them in investment decisions on block buster developments and redesigning organizational structures. He studied medicine in Hannover (Germany), Bologna (Italy) and New York City (US) and holds an PhD in cardiology. Growing up in a musical family, he is a music lover across all genres without loosing sight of the business goals.

IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association

Rue des Deux Eglises 37-39, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

+32 2 503 31 38