Brussels, 28th March 2024

For the third year in a row, IMPALA returns with its highly anticipated 100 Artists to Watch 2024 edition in collaboration with YouTube. This year, we’re excited to showcase a vibrant selection of emerging talent from across the European independent music sector.

Curated by IMPALA’s members and wider network. This pan-European initiative aims to shed light on artists from various cultural backgrounds and genres, emphasising both inclusivity and representation across borders. This award not only spotlights emerging talents but also recognises artists and independent labels who continue to push boundaries and challenge norms. Members are encouraged to nominate artists that they believe are the ones to watch now, based on factors such as diversity and innovation as well as commercial success. Through this programme with YouTube, IMPALA seeks to foster a more inclusive and dynamic music ecosystem, where all artists can thrive and be celebrated.

This year, IMPALA’s line-up has increased to showcasing artists from across 31 countries, spanning a wide variety of genres, from Jazz to Hip-Hop, Folk to Electronic, and Pop to Punk. With an impressive array of independent record labels on display, there’s a plethora of new sounds to explore. Keep an eye out for a total of 100 European independent artists making waves this year. Join the musical journey here and uncover the full list of artists below.

Helen Smith, Executive Chair, IMPALA commented: “As we celebrate the continuation of our 100 Artists to Watch programme in 2024, we have a growing number of countries represented, showcasing a truly diverse range of talent. This is part of our commitment to expanding and nurturing an independent network that reflects the full range of European music. This award offers deserving artists and labels across Europe recognition for their ground-breaking creativity and contribution to the industry.”

Dan Chalmers, Director, YouTube Music, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) expressed: “We are delighted to once again collaborate with IMPALA for the third edition of the 100 Artists to Watch award scheme. This partnership reflects our ongoing dedication to supporting independent labels and artists throughout Europe. Independent music plays a vital role in fostering authentic creativity, innovation, and diversity within the industry. Through our collaboration with IMPALA’s Friends programme, we aim to highlight these emerging talents, giving them a platform to showcase their work across Europe and beyond. Together with IMPALA, we’re committed to supporting the independent spirit and celebrating the diverse talents within the music community.”

100 Artists to Watch (by alphabetical order by artist/record label/country):

  • A Mess , Puffin Artlab, Denmark
  • Aby Coulibaly, Chamon Chamomile Club/Redlight Management, Ireland
  • Adja, Sdban Records, Belgium
  • Aleph Quintet, IGLOO Records, Belgium
  • Amalia & The Architects, United We Fly, Greece
  • Anna B Savage, City Slang, Germany
  • Anna Lille, Propeller Recordings, Norway
  • Anna Vaverková, Kabinet Records, Czech Republic
  • Annie Taylor, Taxi Gauche Records, Switzerland
  • Asbest, A Tree in a Field Records, Switzerland
  • Ashaine White , Self-released, UK
  • Barbara Popovic, IDJ Tunes, North Macedonia
  • BEX, Fiakka Studios, Austria
  • Bianca Tilici, Roton Music, Romania
  • Bicho Carpinteiro, Self-released, Portugal
  • Birthh, Carosello Records, Italy
  • Bulgarian Cartrader, Self-released, Bulgaria
  • Carmen Boza, EO! Música, Spain
  • CATT, Listenrecords , Germany
  • Cinnamon Gum, Seagull Ross, Poland
  • Claude, Cloud 9 Music , The Netherlands
  • Coals, [PIAS] Poland & EE, Poland
  • Culk, Siluh Records, Austria
  • Dedublüman, Hypers Music, Turkey
  • Deena Abdelwahed, InFiné, France
  • Dela Marmy, KPRecords*KillPerfection, Portugal
  • Deniz Tekin, Little Jobs, Turkey
  • Disappeared Completely, kontrabass, Ukraine
  • Edgar Homeros, Cosmos Music, Sweden
  • Eko & Vinda Folio, Bloom Music, Georgia
  • Endless Wellness, Ink Music, Austria
  • Flavien Berger, Pan European, France
  • flowerovlove, Self-released, UK
  • freekind., Butter92, Slovenia
  • Fulminacci, Artist First/Maciste Dischi, Italy
  • Funk Shui, Self-released, North Macedonia
  • Gåte, Indie Recordings, Norway
  • Giancane, Woodworm, Italy
  • Gongori, Self-released, Portugal
  • Güner Künier, Self-released, Germany
  • Gustaph, 541 Records, Belgium
  • HVNDS , Seek Music Familia / Forward Music Agency, Romania
  • IDEM, JeboTon/ Mudri Brk/ Nasty Cut Records, Croatia
  • IKAN HYU, Mouthwatering Records, Switzerland
  • Iva Lorens, Kontra Rights, Serbia
  • Jakub König, Animal Music, Czech Republic
  • Jen Payne, Glasgow Underground, Ireland
  • Joalin, Because Music / PME Records, Finland
  • João Couto, Self-released, Portugal
  • Joshua Idehen, Self-released, Sweden
  • Kahaberi & Khanums, GMI Rights Management, Georgia
  • Ki!, Crunchy Frog, Denmark
  • Klinika Denisa Kataneca, Menart, Croatia
  • kordz, Stockton Records, Georgia
  • Lenhart Tapes, Glitterbeat Records, Serbia
  • Leon of Athens, Cobalt Music, Greece
  • Les Attitudes Spectrales, Self-released, Latvia
  • Let 3, Dallas Records, Croatia
  • Lia Kali, Propaganda pel Fet, Spain
  • Lover’s Skit, Glory Hole Recordings, Sweden
  • Malummí, Irascible Records, Switzerland
  • Marí, Celebration Records, Denmark
  • MARLENA, Sin Anestesia, Spain
  • Maustetytöt, Is This Art!/Playground Music, Finland
  • Mert Demir, Pale Records, Turkey
  • Miso Extra, Transgressive Records, UK
  • mïus, Théque Records, Hungary
  • modernlove., Akira Records, Ireland
  • MORDÁI, Draze Records, Hungary
  • Motta, Sugar, Italy
  • MRFY, Helo Records, Slovenia
  • néomí, [PIAS], The Netherlands
  • November 2nd, Self-released, Czech Republic
  • OIEE, Launching Gagarin Records & Management, Hungary
  • Old Gods of Asgard, Insomniac/Playground Music, Finland
  • Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, Rockadillo Records, Finland
  • Prima Dragoste, Roton Music, Romania
  • Ryan Mack, Self-released, Ireland
  • Saint Joshua, Self-released, UK
  • Samba de La Muerte, Yotanka, France
  • Sami, Self-released, Poland
  • Shake Stew, Traumton, Austria
  • Smag På Dig Selv, Stunt Records, Denmark
  • Structure of Happiness, Self-released, Ukraine
  • Superkoloritas, Self-released, Lithuania
  • The Düsseldorf Düsterboys, Staatsakt, Germany
  • The Jordan, Cooking Vinyl, The Netherlands
  • Tim Dawn, CTM, The Netherlands
  • Travis Birds, Calverita Records, Spain
  • Tuğçe Şenoğul, Self-released, Turkey
  • V:RGO, SauceKidsGang / MUZE Music, Bulgaria
  • Vianne, Flat Line Collective, Bulgaria
  • VOYOU, Entreprise, France
  • waterbaby, Sub Pop Records, Sweden
  • Witch Club Satan, Lost & Found Productions, Norway
  • Yasha 96, Self-released, Czech Republic
  • ZHIVA, Glitch Records, Serbia
  • Ziferblat, Geisha Ninja Samurai, Ukraine
  • Zoster, Croatia Records, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 3’Ain, Choux de Bruxelles, Belgium

Read more about these artists on our dedicated webpage here.

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YouTube partnering up with the independents

YouTube will work with IMPALA on its 100 Artists to Watch programme to help build awareness of the diverse European independent sector. YouTube will help the independent community by spotlighting talent from different markets and at different stages in their career. Promoting diversity is a priority for YouTube, encouraging music fans to discover artists they might never find otherwise. Further support will roll out during the year, watch this space.

IMPALA was established in 2000 and now represents nearly 6000 independent music companies in Europe. 99% of Europe’s music companies are small, micro and medium businesses and self-releasing artists. Known as the independents, they are world leaders in terms of innovation and discovering new music and artists – they produce more than 80% of all new releases and account for 80% of the sector’s jobs. IMPALA’s mission is to grow the independent music sector sustainably, return more value to artists, promote diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access, inspire change, and increase access to finance. IMPALA works on a range of key issues for its members, runs various award schemes and has a programme aimed at businesses who want to develop a strategic relationship with the European independent sector – Friends of IMPALA.
More about 100 Artists to Watch
The 100 Artists to Watch award was launched in 2022 to promote diversity in the European independent music sector. The project puts the spotlight on a more diverse range of amazing artists through a list curated by our members all across Europe. It is a natural evolution of IMPALA’s album of the year award which ran for ten years.
More about YouTube
Launched in May 2005, YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories. YouTube is a Google company.

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