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The aim of IMPALA’s charter is to promote diversity and inclusion in the European independent music sector. As an organisation, IMPALA has defined itself through its work to promote cultural diversity and access to market for members irrespective of size, origin or type of music. It is time to build on this.


Our charter is part of IMPALA’s broader diversity work. Having started some years ago on certain aspects, we are now taking a more comprehensive and structured approach based on the European charter of fundamental rights. 


Not discriminating isn’t enough. We must be anti-discriminatory and consciously inclusive.   


European fundamental rights prohibit discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin or nationality, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, political beliefs as well as other forms of discrimination. (Article 21 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.)


As a responsible European actor, we must recognise where there are issues. We will work with our members to deliver equity. This means tackling direct and indirect discrimination as well as unconscious bias, and seeking to overcome social and economic imbalances which also influence diversity. 


Each country is different. IMPALA’s membership covers some 30 European countries and is growing every year. Ethnic diversity and underrepresented groups vary by country across this diverse landscape. That means there is no “one size fits all” solution, however there are localised steps that can be applied by country.


We will speak out and use the power of the music sector’s voice as a catalyst for change. 


IMPALA wants positive change in terms of our diversity. We believe that this is the right thing to do, and that diversity will grow and strengthen our sector. IMPALA will help make the case that diversity is good for business and creativity. 


We will lend our voice to support movements that work to achieve this in the music sector, the broader cultural sector and beyond. 


IMPALA will work to close the knowledge gap in terms of new communities of entrepreneurs. 


IMPALA has a voice in European politics and we will use it. 


We will encourage and support our members in their own work to combat discrimination and disadvantage. 


This charter is our vision of what we stand for and what we will do to achieve change. This will be accompanied by initiatives and projects to be developed that will aim to make change sustainable longer term, with targets for five and ten years. 

IMPALA’s 12 commitments, which we will report on annually: 


1.    Make a survey available to all members with anonymous aggregated results to measure the sector’s diversity In Europe on a regular basis. 


2.    Map and share examples of best practices across Europe, whether local campaigns or surveys, or other projects that promote diversity and inclusion, to be updated regularly.  


3.    Appoint a diversity advocate for IMPALA’s board and each of our committees. This will be a different person on each committee to get a range of people across the organisation thinking about diversity.   


4.    Set up a new programme of European and national awards to put the spotlight on projects or individuals working on diversity and inclusion, and recognise people from diverse backgrounds at awards ceremonies.


5.    Implement an outreach programme via national associations with community organisations to ensure IMPALA and its membership overcome structural barriers and diversify, to achieve structural change long term.


6.    Make diversity and conscious inclusion training available twice a year for employees, board and members.  


7.    Produce guidance for members on eliminating bias and conscious inclusion in hiring, promoting, contracts with artists, promotional and other material, as well as in choosing third party contractors such as PR, radio pluggers, digital agencies, consultants, suppliers etc. 


8.    Commit to equality and diversity in our job adverts as well as continue to pay our interns.


9.    Support relevant initiatives in the music sector to utilise the power of music and culture as a catalyst for social change.


10.    Keep members aware of EU funding for diversity projects and help members apply for EU funding for relevant projects that promote equity, diversity and inclusion.  


11.    Speak out where we support specific issues and use our voice in Brussels to encourage the EU to take the lead. 


12.    Ask offline and online media and music services to work with us on different ways to boost diversity and market access in Europe.  




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