Cannes, 7th June 2017

As part of its partnership with Midem, IMPALA hosted two panels in Cannes this year to showcase the diversity of independent music in Europe, one focussing on European young labels and the other on the Balkan emerging music scene.

IMPALA’s role is to shine a deeper and wider light across the music sector and promote the work of our younger labels. This is what energises the independent sector.  Our Young Label Spotlight project continues at Midem this year, where we will also have a special focus on the Balkans where again young labels are leading the way” 

Helen Smith, IMPALA’s Executive Chair

Young Label spotlight

Initiated at Midem in 2016 as part of IMPALA’s 15th anniversary, the Young Label Spotlight shines a light on the work of a set of unique young European independents. You can read about their challenges, their releases and their adventures on the Midem blog (Lampshade Media, Mouthwatering Records) and the replay of this panel is available below. You can also discover our first Young Label Spotlight series in our Story Corner.

Balkan Focus

IMPALA also organised a focus on the Balkans. 20 years after the end of the conflict in ex-Yugoslavia, a new bunch of music entrepreneurs has risen from the ashes and is aiming for the top. From Slovenia to Macedonia, across Croatia and Serbia, the challenges are numerous and treacherous, yet this new breed of music labels is among the most exciting ones in Europe. You can check the replay of this panel below, it’s time to discover what their reality looks like!

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