Brussels, 16 January 2020

EUROPE FOR CREATORS is launching a new website and a newsletter, as part of a renewed effort to promote clarity around Article 13 of the European Copyright Directive.   

The new tools set out facts. The website, (also available in Italian, German, Czech, French, Polish, Croatian and more to come) and the newsletter, INSIGHT 13, take a no-nonsense approach to the issue and go back to basics: What does the Directive actually say and how does the process work?   

Google has used its financial power and its YouTube platform to organise one of the largest lobbying campaigns the European Union has seen in recent years, with scant regard for truth. YouTube executives have claimed that Article 13 would cripple the platform in Europe, with 35 million accounts potentially at risk of being taken down. The platform and its allies have sought to manipulate children and young users to channel false claims about Article 13.

It’s extremely worrying that a media platform in such a dominant position would use its service as a weapon to influence public opinion and advocate purelyprivate and commercial interests through misinformation, fearmongering and fake news. This level of marketing would simply not be available to any other actor.

With a clear timeline, and a paragraph-by-paragraph explanation of the European Parliament’s version of Article 13, the website provides accurate and easy-to-understand insights into the debate, while unveiling the benefits of Article 13 for creators and ordinary users. It is time that YouTube takes steps to ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility on its platform once and for all. And it will never do so without clear and fair rules in place.  

Article 13 will facilitate the sharing of content in a fairer wayand stop arbitrary removal of content and other unfair trading practices which platforms such as YouTube routinely resort to.   

The newsletter will report on the latest developments in the process and the battle over public opinion. Brief analytical pieces will link to the best articles, videos, Tweets and memes on the subject.

Subscribe to the newsletter and visit us at or follow the debate on Twitter @EUForCreators with#EuropeForCreators.   


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