Brussels, 14th February 2019

After much debate and further changes to the text of the copyright directive, an agreement was reached in Strasbourg last night and the directive can now move to the final stages of the European legislative process. Member states now need to approve the final text as well as the European Parliament. The changes made in the trilogue discussions this week will be published soon and IMPALA understands that they will help achieve a balanced text.   

Helen Smith, Executive Chair commented: “We need to see the final text, but this legislation will be the first time anywhere in the world that there is absolute confirmation that user upload services are covered by copyright and need a licence. In line with the WIN fair digital deals declaration adopted over three years ago, IMPALA also supports the provisions in the directive on transparency and remuneration for authors and performers.” 

The text also includes special rules for start ups and certain non-commercial operators. Citizens are protected as existing exceptions continue to apply and platforms can’t decide to take material down arbitrarily. 

One of the original objectives of the legislation was to rebalance the online world and ensure creators and their business partners have a say in how their works are used online. It is now down to member states and the parliament to give their final seal of approval. 

Helen Smith concluded: “The EU institutions have done a great job reaching this compromise in time. Last week we raised the alarm on the risks of moving ahead without improvements to the text and we understand these concerns were heard. All those who contributed their views, whatever side of the debate they are on, played an important role. There are a few more steps before this reform becomes law and we count on all sectors to unite in support of this balanced text and ensure it is finally adopted.” 


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