IMPALA's Digital Action Plan


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IMPALA's action plan calls for a new European industrial policy to drive the digital market through the cultural & creative sectors as part of Europe’s strategy for growth and jobs. Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA said: "The aim of our Digital Action Plan is to inspire decision makers, ensure Europe’s position as a global power, and re-engage Europe with its creators and citizens. Let's set new standards to make Europe the best place in the world for artists and other creators and for culture enthusiasts."


10 points (click to view the relevant chapter online)

   1.  Reinforcing the rights that drive the digital market and grow Europe's copyright capital

   2.  Giving citizens the best digital infrastructure in the world

   3.  Improving pluralism and diversity online as well as offline

   4.  Revisiting the “rules of engagement” online

   5.  Growing Europe’s “missing middle” by improving conditions for smaller actors

   6.  Effectively tackling structurally infringing websites

   7.  Increasing investment through a new financial approach to culture

   8.  Introducing greater fiscal fairness

   9.  Mapping and measuring the sectors and how creativity works

   10. Placing culture and diversity at the heart of Europe’s international work


Michel Lambot, Co-Founder of [PIAS] and Board member of IMPALA said: "The challenge now is to build on Europe's thriving digital market through a serious industrial policy that boosts smaller players, gets more investment, provides more exposure for all artists, and then of course quantifies the results. This is what our Action Plan is about."


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