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Members - any independent label or publisher or a national organisation representing independent labels/publishers can apply for membership. This is done by applying in writing to the IMPALA office with details of the organisation, members, size of the market they represent etc. This will go forward to the IMPALA board. Membership will not be accepted if, in the Board’s opinion, a candidate is currently or has been, during the five years prior to the application, involved in the illegal sale, production, trade or use of sound recordings, audiovisual products or artistic works. For a list of current members click here.

Friends - if you are not a label or association, but you are interested in working with the valuable, innovative and always growing independent music sector, you can get involved in our Friend of IMPALA scheme. For more details on the Friend of IMPALA scheme, please click here.

More info - for more information about becoming a member or friend of IMPALA, please contact the IMPALA Secretariat - info (at)

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IMPALA supports Music Declares Emergency

"This movement seizes the power of the music sector to take action and inspire change. It is important to join forces and to encourage collective action for climate"