Impala's mission

IMPALA's mission is to grow the independent music sector sustainably, return more value to artists, promote diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access and inspire change.

Growing the independent sector
Promoting growth is about maximising all commercial opportunities, delivering a proper regulatory framework, with improved market access, real finance, and a level playing field in all areas from access to media, to collecting societies through to online.

Returning more value to artists
Removing all barriers to licensing of online and other services is vital, yet certain operators try to hide behind copyright exceptions or “safe harbour” rules. This effectively transfers value away from creators. Closing this “value gap” is important to the independent sector as it particularly distorts licensing efforts by smaller players. Returning value also means full transparency, proper reporting and revenue sharing.

Promoting cultural diversity and entrepreneurship
Independent music is an excellent example of Europe’s cultural diversity. By discovering and releasing the most innovative artists, independent labels play a key role in the evolution of the cultural landscape. The economic and regulatory environment must actively foster cultural entrepreneurship and economic diversity.

Improving political access
Smaller businesses need to work together to match the influence of larger companies. IMPALA provides an active single voice for the independent sector.

Inspiring change
By explaining how the music sector works, by broadening the agenda and offering new solutions, IMPALA aims to promote independent music, inspire decision makers to fulfil new promises to cultural SMEs, and open doors to investment.

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IMPALA supports Music Declares Emergency

"This movement seizes the power of the music sector to take action and inspire change. It is important to join forces and to encourage collective action for climate"