Every voice counts - IMPALA calls on whole music sector to speak up on copyright in Europe

MIDEM, Cannes, 4th February

With four weeks to go until Europe closes a public consultation on the relationship between copyright and the digital age, independent music companies call on everyone involved with music to make their voice heard.

Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA, said: "Europe needs to hear from all those who believe creators should be free to earn a living and to decide how their work is exploited.

IMPALA says Europe must reinforce creators’ fundamental freedoms, instead of seeking to unpick copyright as requested by powerful lobby groups.

Accounting for 80% of all music released and over 80% of the sector’s jobs, independent music companies need copyright to be able to invest in new talent and continue to innovate and drive the online market.

The challenge is to make Europe the best place in the world for creators”, added Helen Smith.

The consultation remains open until 5 March.

Sign the 'Creators for Europe' petition launched by the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance http://www.creatorsforeurope.eu/en

See the consultation bit.ly/1bj8tV7


IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) is a non-profit making organisation with an artistic and scientific purpose, to generate more and better information about SME music operators and to promote the expansion and competitiveness of independent music.
Established in April 2000, IMPALA represents over 4000 independent music companies and national associations across Europe. IMPALA’s mission is to grow the independent music sector, promote cultural diversity and cultural entrepreneurship, improve political access and modernise the perception of the music industry.


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