FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN: Own Records (Luxembourg)

Own Records was created in the very beginning of the 2000s in Luxembourg. For the group of friends at the origin of this cutting edge music company working in music was a vital way to have a door opened on new horizons. They made Fernando Pessoa’s quote “Could it think, the heart would stop beating”, their moto. The team tries to make every record essential in their collection. So far, they released 69 records and produced 25 artists including Gregor Samza, Uzi & Ari, Firekites.


Why did you start a label?

It has been a necessity to build a label with a few friends. We needed to be involved in a music project to feel alive.

What are your best albums?

It’s impossible to select because it’s as if you were asked to choose a favorite among your children.



What tips do you have for other labels?

We are not in the habit of giving tips or advice because who are we to tell others what they have to do? There’s nothing to say, just to do. Do and don’t expect anything in return.


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This feature first appeared in The Independent Echo.

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