IMPALA enables the independents to leverage their collective strength with credibility and experience.


IMPALA’s actions include:

  • Raising awareness and advocating for strong and fair copyright, proper remuneration and freedom of expression.
  • Promoting a distortion-free Digital Single Market by addressing the “value gap” caused by abuse of “safe harbour” rules.
  • Campaigning for better access for independent music to online platforms, radio, retail, TV and other media.
  • Putting the spotlight on innovative business models in the independent sector
  • Working with independents in the Balkans to launch new structure to build capacity locally, growing online and offline opportunities.
  • Advocating for transparency and fairness with artists – 2/3 of signatories of WIN’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration are European.
  • Calling for new “rules of engagement” online – data protection, privacy, taxation, non-discrimination rules for dominant players.
  • Encouraging “follow the money” to tackle mass infringing sites.
  • Revisiting the anonymity/accountability equation for a dynamic & safe digital environment for all.
  • Seeking to stimulate competition and consumer choice through new antitrust rules specific to culture.
  • Taking action against concentration and other abuses.
  • Promoting innovative commercial tools such as Merlin, the first global digital rights agency for independents.
  • Implementing IMPALA’s Collecting Society Code of Conduct.
  • Seeking tax credits, loan guarantees, new revenue sharing mechanisms, and proper valuation of copyright assets.
  • Campaigning for reduced VAT on music, plus an end to discrimination between film & music support programmes.
  • Delivering more & better choice for artists and music fans.
  • Promoting culture as distinct to other goods and services, mapping and measuring the sectors adequately.
  • Levelling the playing field for all cultural SMEs.
  • Promoting the UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity.
  • WIPO observer and member of UNESCO’s Global Alliance.

You can find out more about IMPALA’s milestones here.


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